Hollybrook     Joyce Metters & John Coppley | Lexington, NC
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I have loved horses as long as I have memories. My childhood was spent on horseback. My teenage years were spent dreaming of becoming a professional horse trainer. My adult life has been a series of dreams realized, both as a breeder, a trainer and an artist.

Hollybrook Farm has been the birthplace of such notable Morgan Horses as Hollybrook Wham Bam, Hollybrook Stage Rage, Hollybrook Romeo, Hollybrook Boy Toy, Hollybrook Braveheart, Hollybrook Gentleman Jack, Hollybrook Headliner, Hollybrook Starconnection, Hollybrook Topic and Hollybrook Van Gogh.

Although not active in the show ring in recent years, we're still enjoying our Morgan horses on the trails, introducing new horse lovers to this wonderful breed, and planning a foal now and then. Whether you're looking for a place to touch horses, learn to ride or just want to sit on a quiet lane and capture a memory on canvas or paper, Hollybrook invites you to plan a visit and take advantage of our true southern hospitality.

Hollybrook Touche